A vast choice

At the end of our production process shown here below, results a choice of hair extensions of unmatched high end quality.


Stock receipt, cleaning, drying and main dyeing

Our production exclusively uses 100% natural Indian human Remy hair. After the preliminary sorting, grading and first gentle machine washing steps, follow the first hand wash and monitored natural sun drying processes. These are followed by a multiple-stage, mild dyeing process and additional rounds of hand wash, conditioning and final drying steps.


Weft, Clips, Keratin

Hair type, color nuance, length and denseness are trimmed and sorted. Hand- or machine made knotting, weaving and sewing of the Wefts and Clips and hand made fixing of the keratin tips.


Pre-delivery inspection, weighing, pre-cut and conveyance

Finally all extensions are weighted, combed, measured and cut then packaged for shipment to Switzerland, where the final dyeing, conditioning, sewing, cut and refinement are completed. Now the extensions are ready to be sold through our hair salons, via our web-shop or direct sales.